Logspark Dog Racer System

The LogSpark VKC(TM) Dog Racer System allows you to set up race courses and send a group of dogs off to race around them. Any VKC Dogs can race, those that you own or those that are owned by another. Polar Bears, Hyenas and Penguins can race too. In fact, it was the penguins that we first made it for. They look so cute running around the courses together.

Using a simple tool to gather the Way Points, you record the course in a Notecard and drop it into your Racer System.

Click the Racer System and a menu guides you through choosing a group of dogs, choosing the course and setting a speed. Once you’ve made your choices, the Racer System takes over and calls the contestants to the start line.

After waiting a few seconds for them to assemble, it counts down: 3… 2… 1… GO Racers! And they’re off!

Come and try it for yourself at Turing Isle VKC Dog Park in Second Life.

But it’s not just for dogs!