Mama Don’t

Mama Don’t :: J.J. Cale

An old favourite song performed by one of the coolest rock ‘n’ roll musicians on the planet.

The Cast

  • Mama – Blu Sparkle
  • The Guitar Player – Giuseppe Manatiso
  • The Bass Player – Ishtar Roux
  • The Drummer – Clem Yates
  • The Piano Player – Book Flute
  • The Singer – Solcar Amat


  • Iberni McMahon
  • Riko Kamachi
  • Karicia Amat
  • Federico Vidor
  • Lucy Brown
  • Perriwen Ock
  • Casandra Shilova
  • Teago Falta
  • Music – J.J. Cale
  • Musician’s Animations – Solcar Amat
  • Set – Sandry Logan
  • Directed by Sandry Logan and Miller

About the video:I found a contest for Second Life Music Videos the day before we shot this, but I didn’t have a video that I felt was really up to it. I forgot about the idea for twenty four hours, thinking that there was no time to recut anything that I had or make another one.

Until, that is, I was struck with the idea of doing Mama Don’t by J.J. Cale. The idea was simple, we’d only need one set, the Musicians would present themselves to Mama, looking for somewhere to play, and Mama would turn them away. The Musicians would skulk off and grumble to each other before ultimately deciding to go in and play regardless.

As they troop back into the bar, Mama throws a fit but her staff and clients love it. “What the hell,” she shrugs, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. The video closes with the whole bar rockin’ out with the band… Mama included.

By the time the idea had come together there were nine and a half hours left until the close of entries. The whole thing was completed in ten hours, from the first prim of the set to the closing fade of the film. And yes… dammit, I missed the deadline.

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for taking part, cast and extras all. And a special thank you to Blu and Solcar for doubling as prompts, crew, director’s assistants and general dogsbodies.

Oh, and may I say, you all looked so incredibly rockin’ and COOL!