A Very Beary Christmas

In Autumn 2008 we took part in the 48 Hour Film Project’s Machinima Event. As the name suggests, we had 48 Hours to make a film. We were allocated “Holiday Film” as a genre and instructed to use the following things:
* A Character named Pat Mitchell who was a painter.
* A Beach Ball
* A line of dialogue: “I need a drink”

By the time we had finished we were EXHAUSTED. But it was all worth it when the entries were finally judged and we won, Best Soundtrack, Best use of Character and Best Graphics.

We will probably never enter another one.

All Music is by Kevin McLeod

* We Wish You A Merry Christmas
* Radio Martini
* Scheming Weasel
* Gold Rush
* Happy Alley
* Jingle Bells

and is Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”