Training Faux Pas…Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?

In our work with the VKC Dogs and their owners, we have come across some very interesting new “tricks” which were actually taught to some of the dogs. For those of you who do not know, the VKC Dogs can be taught new tricks and the way you teach them is to say the dog’s name, the word “learn”, and then the string of commands that makes the dog do the trick you want. The VKC Dogs listen to the very next word you say after the word “learn”, and those words become the trick. So, we thought we would share some of those actual “tricks” here, just for laughs. The dog lists his trick name, followed by a colon, then lists the commands he was given for the trick.

Here, for example, is a real trick that a dog would perform:

  • hello:go owner speak shake

And, here are some of the actual commands we have seen: (Do not try this at home!)

  • all:of that
  • dog:bed
  • roll:over
  • then:what?
  • how:to go up the stairs
  • play:with Fluffy
  • forget:run in house
  • hi:for (name changed to protect the innocent)
  • Here’s another one
    go: go to sandry
    I wonder who could have done that?