Enrico Genosse is the founder of the Virtual Kennel Club and the creator of the peerless VKC Dogs. With the capacity to learn new tricks, Artificial Intelligence that allows them to interact with their environment and learn what we like/dislike them to do, a free upgrade and lost dog service plus a network of support and qualified trainers…  there is nothing to touch them in the whole of SL.

The LogSpark Ladies have been friends with Enrico since summer 2006 when they both fell head over heels in love with the dogs at the Dog Park in Caledon. In February 2007 the three of them opened Turing Isle together and the Dogs have continued to gain in popularity ever since.

The first half of this machinima is the story of Enrico’s early months in Second Life and the lengths he went to in order to bring the first dog to life. Having presented his first, eagerly awaited creation to the waiting Dog Fanciers the film then launches into a celebration of all the things that the dogs have become since those early days. Sit back and relax for a little while and watch SL’s finest canines in action.