LogSpark Lost Dog Locator

This handy little gadget is designed to help you look for your precious pets when they’ve done something daft and you can’t see where they are.

Fido freaked out?
Rover done a runner?
Lassie lost in the wilderness?
Missy missing in action?

Well, worry not – just attach this little device to your avatar, tell it who you are looking for and let it search along with you as seek out your lost dog.

If the dog that you are searching for is owned by you and is located in the same sim as you, you will have the choice of having him sent directly to you or mapping him. If you have him sent to you, he will attempt to arrive back directly in front of you and will bark and wag his tail when he arrives. If you map him, the Dog Locator will open the world map to show his location.

If it is not your dog or he is found in a neighbouring sim, the Dog Locator will map the dog as it did in the previous versions. You can then walk, fly or TP to him using the beacon.

The LogSpark Lost Dog Locator is designed exclusively for use with dogs from the Virtual Kennel Club, (VKC). It is an original product, designed by one of the Officers of the VKC and heartily approved by Enrico Genosse, the creator of the Virtual Kennel Club Dogs. It is not only the oldest product of its type, it is also the only such product still in active development.


If you need one of these, you can get it in-world at our Dog Accessory Store, or you can get it on the Second Life Marketplace: LogSpark Lost Dog Locator (Boxed)