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About LogSpark

LogSpark International is a “Hands-Across-The Pond” collaboration between Blu Sparkle in the USA and Sandry Logan in the UK. The pair met early in 2006 when neither had been SL residents for more than a few weeks. They hit it off right away and the idea of a joint business venture began to take shape. The partnership first came into being in April 2006 with the launch of a series of supporters’ shirts for the 2006 Soccer World Cup Finals. If you’d seen them whooping and cheering after the first payment came in, you’d have thought Blu and Sandry had won the lottery rather than sold a L$40 shirt. The first line of ladies clothing (in fact there were three lines) came in May 2006 and on a frenetic Sunday evening, the LogSpark Ladies rented their first stores…in Dickens Village and Isle Rfyre.

These days the Ladies’ interest is concentrated on the fabulous Virtual Kennel Club Dogs (VKC) made by Enrico Genosse. You can see some of the accessories they’ve made to go with the dogs on this site or you can read more about them on the Virtual Kennel Club web site.

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